In these days weight is gaining main is problem for everyone but people not have time for do exercise. We are here to give you some Weight Loss Tips which are easy to help you without exercise only with your diet.

1.Use Lemon:

Use Lemon after taking a meal or during the meal. Lemon helps to digest your food faster and abstracts the fats material. Your body cannot consumes fats. And helps you to lose your weight.


2.Drink Water:

Use water to weight loss. Drink 8-12 glass of water in everyday its helps to reduced weight. You can burn more calories with drinking an 8-12 glass of water which helps to more Weight Loss. Drinking water can increase amount of your calories burn. If you drink water before meal can reduced your appetite which helps to lose your weight.


3.Use Honey With Lemon:


Honey are very helpful to reduce your weight. Use Honey with warm water and lemon in every morning with empty stomach. This water helps you to lose your weight in days.

How to Make This Water:

  • 1 Glass of filtered and warm water.
  • 1 Piece of Half Lemon
  • 1 Table Spoon Of Pure Honey

Take 1 Glass of filtered and warm water squeeze 1 piece of half lemon into warm water after that add 1 Table Spoon of Pure Honey into warm water and lemon mix it well and drink every morning with empty stomach to weight loss.


4.Take Egg:

Egg contain high protein take 2 eggs in daily breakfast which very easily help to weight loss. Egg also help to prevent cancer. Egg has low calories.


5.Take Green Tea:

Take one cup of green tea daily. Green tea specially made to take without sugar and milk. It’s very light and helpful to lose your weight and also helpful for glowing skin.