Our face is main part of our body and every girl and women want to glowing and attractive face. Glowing Skin is a dream of every young girl and women also every step of age. Because it’s get observation and appreciation and every lady want it. So if you want naturally fair skin use some natural diet and do natural things for your skin.

1.Fiber Oriented Diet:

Healthy diet is most important for your Glowing Skin. Everything is started from your diet if you have some digestive problem that may result in skin impurities (like pimple, darkness, dullness etc.) hence diet is really important for healthy and pure skin. But it’s also important to take it in right amount not excessive and not less than. Food for skin selected carefully for natural protein food you can use fish, nuts, white meat, grains, brown rice, vegetables and tomato are good for health. Fruits and vegetable are also helps your skin spotless and pimple free.



2.Drinking Water:

Water is very important of our health. Our skin 15% made up from water. Water and juices are one of the best thing to your skin pure and Glowing Skin and all tips are waste without the essential part of the healthy skin. Water clean our body from toxins and waste and water also remove the excess of oil and dirt from are body. It’s also help to good digestive system.


Drink at least 2 liters water per day and juices. You can see the results within the one week on your health and for Glowing Skin also.

3.Vitamin D:

Sun is the great source of Vitamin D which is very good for our skin and health also. But sun rays can also damage our skin so we have to know what time is good to take sun rays and which time to avoid it. In morning sun from 7am to 9pm is good for skin we can take rays in this time for vitamin D. but after that time we should avoid sun rays because UV rays are stronger and damage are skin texture and also these rays are cause of skin cancer. From 10am to 2pm avoid sun because rays are too much harsh in this time for skin. If you go outside between this time wear those clothes which cover your skin and body properly use sunscreen with SPF 4.


4.Skin Hydration:

Hydration is important for body inside and outside. Wash your face 2 times in the day more than 2 times can cause of dryness. Always use cold water to clean your face because warm water open skin pores which allow bacteria into them which may result of pimple and allergy. Use cold and fresh water for Glowing Skin. Cold water closed skin pores and helps to skin fresh and glowing. Nerve scrub your face if you feel irritation.



5.Stress Free:

Stress may cause of dullness of your skin and other problems. So leave your stress behind you and take sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per day. Less than 7 to 8 hours sleep may cause of your body laziness and dull skin. But over sleeping is also cause of problems. Take sleep 7 to 8 hours for good health and Glowing Skin.