How to Remove Blemishes Overnight


The word is Blemishes many people cannot understand with only word what is this and why they need to remove. A blemish means the acne spots or some allergy spots on face which may affect your personality and appearance. It’s also effect on face cleanness. Sometimes we use some creams to remove acne and in those case acne removed but the spots of acne still there on face and irritate you. Many creams and treatments are available in markets but they consume lots of time and not give you preferable results. Here today we will discuss with you How to Remove Blemishes Overnight. This is the natural home remedy which may affect faster on your face blemishes and without any harm your skin and face.

So let’s see how we Remove Blemishes Overnight can with natural home remedy.

  1. How to Remove Blemishes Overnight with Fuller’s Earth (Multani Metti):

Fuller’s Earth is very beneficial for face and skin. It use in many face treatments as well as for Remove Blemishes Overnight. Fuller’s Earth good for acne treatments, spots removal, and blackheads and white heads etc.

  • How to Prepare paste to Remove Blemishes Overnight:
    • Take two tablespoon Fuller’s earth in small bowl and add some lemon juice in it to make a thick paste.
    • Apply gently on your face affected areas. Wait for 20-30 minutes.
    • Wash it off with cool water.
    • This is the best remedy to Remove Blemishes Overnight.Remove Blemishes Overnight
  1. How to Remove Blemishes Overnight with Potato:

Potato is work as Exfoliating Toner on all types of skin. It’s also helpful to remove dark circles and remove dead cells from your skin.

  • How to Use Potato for Remove Blemishes Overnight:
    • Take one small potato and peel it.
    • Grate the potato and place it on cheesecloth.
    • Extract the all juice from potato.
    • Take a cotton ball and soak into potato juice.
    • Apply potato juice on your face with the help of cotton ball and leave it for 20-25 minutes almost.
    • After 20-25 minutes wash your face with fresh water.