Home Remedy for Frizzy Hair Treatment


Every women want to healthy, thick, shiny, and smooth hair but everyone not have. Frizzy Hair looks dull rough and it’s not easy to style your hair sometimes it’s frustrating you to style your Frizzy Hair.

Many reasons are behind the rough, dry and Frizzy Hair are lack of moisturizing, use chemical hair products, heat like: blow dry & straightens and use those products which are not according to your hair type.Frizzy Hair

So we cannot treat this problem with chemicals we should use some home remedies to treatment of frizzy hair.

  1. Banana & Yogurt:

Banana contains conditioning properties because it’s have natural oil, vitamins and potassium which is very beneficial for Frizzy Hair Treatment. These all things are lock shine and softness in your hair.

  • Quantity:
    • 1 Banana.
    • ¼ cup Yogurt
    • 2 tbsp. of Honey
    • 2 tbsp. of Olive oil
  • Directions:
    • Take a small bowl and mash banana in it.
    • When banana properly mashed add ¼ cup yogurt in it and mix it well.
    • After that add 2 tbsp. of honey and olive oil and make a combined mask.
    • Apply this mask from scalp to end and leave it for 30 minutes and cover your hair with shower cap or plastic.
    • After 30 minutes wash it off with shampoo and also use conditioner.
    • Use this home remedy for Frizzy Hair one time in a week.
  1. Egg & Olive Oil:

Egg conations lots of protein and antibacterial property that’s whey egg is mostly used to treat your Frizzy Hair. If you have not olive oil you can use castor oil, rosemary oil, almond oil and coconut oil also. Egg also remove the unwanted oil from your scalp and lock the moistures in your hair.

  • Quantity:
    • 1 Full Egg.
    • Olive Oil according to your hair length
  • Directions:
    • In small bowl beat one egg and add olive oil in it.
    • Mix it and apply on your scalp to end wait for half an hour to one hour.
    • Then wash it off with cold water with shampoo and conditioner.


Always use cold water for Frizzy Hair because its help to close cuticles.