Healthy Breakfast Meals delicious Ideas for Busy Life


Breakfast in main thing in morning never skip your breakfast and we also suggest you never skip any meals in a day for healthy and active life. In these day people have very busy life and mostly they cannot take healthy breakfast and other meals. Here we are discuss with you some Healthy Breakfast Meals Delicious Ideas for busy Life.

In these meals all healthy ingredients are use and these breakfast meals are healthy and delicious and easy to make in your busy life style and in short time. Here we discus some shake, oatmeal’s, egg, and bread etc. to make a delicious and healthy breakfast. So let start to make a Healthy Breakfast Meals.

  1. Different Fruits Shake:

In breakfast we recommend you for Healthy Breakfast Meals use shake you can use different fruits and nuts in making of shake here we discus with you two types of shake with different taste and fruits and nuts.

a) Black Berry & Yogurt Shake:

Black berries are rich with nutrition’s, Vitamin C and it’s have low calories. Its helps to stay active all day and provide essential nutation’s to your body. Yogurt full of calcium provide strength to your bones and taking yogurt in breakfast slow down the aging process.

  • Ingredients Which We Need:
    • Black Berries 1 Cup
    • Yogurt 1 Cup
    • For liquid you can add (Milk or Coconut water)
    • If you want you can add banana also
  • How To Make:
    • Put 1 Cup frozen black berries into blender and yogurt then add liquid what you want and banana.
    • Blend all these things till they are combined shake.
    • Take 1 glass in Healthy Breakfast Meals

Healthy Breakfast Meals b) Peanut Butter & Banana Shake:

In this shake we add banana and peanut butter this combination provide strength and activeness to your body. This combination is best for Healthy Breakfast Meals to use daily in breakfast or at gym.

  • Ingredients Which We Need:
    • Frozen Banana
    • Frozen Peanut Butter
    • Milk
    • Ice Cubes
    • Honey
  • How To Make:
    • Put all things into blender and blend them till they are combined. Serve in glass and take it in breakfast or put into bottle and take it in gym after exercise.
  1. Other Healthy Breakfast Meals:
    • Take 2 brown bread slice with one fried or boiled egg.
    • Make oatmeal in different ways (fruits).
    • Take I cup of tea in breakfast.
    • Cornflakes with milk and honey.