Fast Weight Gain Diet Plan for Females


In this world mostly people have issue to weight loss but some people are want to weight gain. Some people are look very thin so they want to gain weight and they want to take Fast Weight Gain Diet Plan. In this you can use rich fiber diet and many other things to do for weight gain. Banana is very helpful and beneficial for Fast Weight Gain Diet Plan.Fast Weight Gain Diet Plan

  1. Fast Weight Gain Diet Plan with Banana Shake:

Bananas are rich with protein and calories which may help to gain your weight fast. In this we also use milk and milk also have protein and calcium. Protein help to stay active and weight gain and calcium strong bones.

  • Ingredients Which We Need:
    • Banana 2
    • 1 cup Full cream Milk
    • Almonds
    • Sugar
    • Ice
  • How To Make:
    • Take banana and cut into small pieces in blender now add full cream milk in it and blend.
    • Then add 4 to 5 almonds in it, sugar (how much you want) and ice for cold.
    • Blend again all these things and make a combined shake.
    • Take this shake in morning 1 glass and 1 in evening.
  1. Use Protein Rich Food Items in Fast Weight Gain Diet Plan:

Take pure protein rich food in your diet like: fish, chicken, Red meat and other source which are full of protein. Protein helps to gain weight easily and also helps to stay active in all day. Use protein diet in breakfast to stay active all day.

  1. Add Fat in Fast Weight Gain Diet Plan:

Add fat in your diet but level quantity because high quantity may cause of many diseases like: high cholesterol and heart problem. For fat take full cream milk, yogurt, nuts, butter, cream and cheese etc.

4. Daily Exercise:

Daily exercise for gain your weight. every morning and evening and take banana shake during exercise or after exercise.