Weight gaining is the major problem in these days for men and women both but it seems in women’s more. This problem may occurs due to inactive lifestyle and poor diet. Sometimes lack of nutrition’s and proteins. Diet Plans are lose your weight in short time if you follow it properly.

Plan your diet and meals for some time and then see the results. Here we discussed you some Diet Plan for weight Loss.

  • Breakfast:

DIET PLANSYou can take brown bread with boiled egg and tea/coffee without sugar if you want add some honey. Egg keep high protein in it which helps to lose your weight fast. Breakfast is essential part of every Diet Plan because we start the day we need energy to stay active all the day never skip your breakfast.

  • Lunch:

In lunch take normal food like grilled or steamed chicken or fish with steamed vegetables and raw salad. No need to skip any meal in your Diet Plans. Keep eating but safe eating. Take all nutrias and protein quantity which your body need.


  • Dinner:

In dinner take light food which digest easily in night. Take half bread (roti) with vegetable light salt and chili. Use salad in dinner.

  • Important Elements of Diet Plans:
  1. Don’t use oily food in Diet Plans. You can take oily food one time in week.
  2. If you feel hunger in between meals time you can take fruits in snacks. Apple is very beneficial in all Diet Plans its helps to lose your weight.
  3. In hot beverage during a day you can take green tea instead of tea or coffee. Use green tea without sugar. You can add lemon in it and honey.DIET PLANS
  4. Avoid cold drinks, alcohol and energy drinks.
  5. Take some nuts but not in night use it in lunch or supper.
  6. If you want to eat rice you can eat one time in week but only in lunch never take rice in dinners it contains carbohydrate.
  7. Drink more water at least 2 liters (8 Glass) water in a day. Drink more water in morning and evening instead of night.
  8. After taking meal walk some time anywhere tersest or garden.
  9. Take full sleep 8 hours.
  10. Do daily exercise in morning and evening this is the main part of any Diet Plans.